Some Forum Achievements

The Better Archway Forum was founded in 2005. Since then we have achieved:
 Lots of new trees.
 Removal of recycling bins in the town centre.
 Removal of the mass of fake estate agent signs.
 Expansion of the conservation area to protect key central buildings and the traditional layout.
 Allocation of £2m funding from LIP (Local Implementation Plan) and GAF (Growth Area Funding) for improvements to the public realm with wider pavements and better crossings.
 Conducted community research and informed the council and GLA of our findings.
 Met with masterplanners, TfL buses, TfL roads, TfL underground, GLA officers, The Association of Town Centre Managers (, The Whittington Hospital, landowners and developers, and the New Economics Foundation (
 Produced professional standard pedestrian counts for the area and with Space Syntax ( and London 21 (, and run professional masterplanning sessions for the community.
 Organised a day-long Archway Symposium on planning issues, with speakers including Terry Farrell, architect (, Professor Bill Hillier (, Professor Richard Burdett ( TfL Design Champion David Ubaka and speakers from The Development Trust Association (, Places for People Housing Association (, the New Economics Foundation ( and Bio-Regional eco developers (
 Successfully presented the case against a big high-rise redevelopment with a superstore.
 Lobbied to broaden the existing conservation area in order to protect the traditional High Street and town centre layout.
 Persuaded the GLA to fund a feasibility study for the removal of the Archway gyratory.
 Campaigned against the opening of a sex club in the Archway Tavern.
 Recruited and managed two town centre managers before the existing LB Islington manager.
  Facilitated the creation of the Archway Retail Community Interest Company, to promote key retail in the area.
  Started and supported food growing groups.
  Organised regular election hustings.
  Lobbied to stop a sex club.
  Supported renovation of shop fronts.
  Partnered in the Archway Low Carbon Zone.
  Liaised with local Safer Neighbourhood police on safety issues.