Current Issues
Archway Tower
This is being converted to housing for private rental. The proposals as of autumn 2013 were at  with a feedback page at for comments.
Wind blight from gap underneath at the back
The current Tower is a blight on the area but these proposals do not include action on wind caused by the space underneath the building at the back. The owners need to talk to Transport for London who own that land, as they are already negotiating with them  for the Tower entrance at the front.
Best solution would be to create an internal tube entrance from Highgate Hill, like the ones at Leicester Square, incidentally tackling the piles of litter on the steps. It would also  create the opportunity for retail space directly on to the pavement, reinstating the old High Street - see the original at  
An active ground floor
The owners need to be looking at how to bring activity to the building at the point currently used for distributing the Evening Standard so that we don’t have to look at a dead wall on Lower Highgate Hill.
They need to find a cladding which doesn’t make it feel like the Tower is looming over us like it does at the moment. None of the current proposals seem to achieve that. They are either long and thin, making the tower feel even taller, or chunky, making it look even heavier.
Tube station
Archway’s current tube station offers little space, low ceilings, and cramped entrances. Transport for London are the freeholders of the tower and will need to approve any changes to it. This means they can require the owners to produce a better tube station with taller entrances, and even and glass roof over the ticket hall, which could be extended to cover that space at the back which needs to be enclosed. Again, the owners should be discussing this with them.
Anything else?
They very kindly ask for suggestions on how best to support the community. Our suggestion is that however welcome this might be in the short term, in the long term we are going to have to live with the Tower, so we want that dealt with to the very best possible standard.

Archway Gyratory
Islington and TfL are now agreed that they want to return the Archway road system to a more natural two-way flow. Thre plan is being finalised before going to public consultation.
Core Strategy
The central part of this was approved 2011 and Islington is now  working on the associated documents such as sites designated for development, and policies on transport, employment, sustainability and more.
Organic and Incremental
The Forum continues to lobby for smaller steps which together can achieve a big turnaround.
The Forum has persuaded officers to remove street clutter such as excess phone kiosks (there used to be six immediately outside the tube station), excess signage, and remove magazine bins outside the tube station which attracted litter.
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